mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

A day in London

Today i'm writing you by London! I arrived here yesterday night and i'm going to leave tomorrow morning, so i went here with my father just for a shopping day (but it's really difficult to do shopping with him). We went first to a beautiful tea shop, where i bought a lovely cup and some kind of tea. Then, we went to Oxford street, and i visited different shops: first i went to Primark, really cute shop, with nice and cheap clothes, and i was in tilt 'cause there were too many things and too less time! The same thing for Topshop; i really love this shop, but i think that the quality is not in proportion with the cost. Other shops i really like are Urban Outfitters, very cool, young and vintage shop where you can buy everything, and American Apparel. Then, we went to Camden Town: it is really cool, with lots of cute and strange boutiques, and there we took a coffee at starbucks. It was really cold, and in the afternoon it snowed! Now we are in the tube, really tired, coming back at the hotel. Soon i'll post the few pics of today!

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