lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

Baroque style; Provocation? Maybe.

The Baroque style, with all its excesses and its opulence, come back - despite the time - very trendy. Launched by Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain, soon invaded the boutique. Brocade, damask, embroidery gold, swirls and cherubs everywhere.
And fashion brings it to life the Baroque style, which is a style rich and sumptuous, maximalist, in this period of crisis, where exactly does a lot of contrast.
Provocation? Maybe. After all, fashion is full of them.
Dolce&Gabbana and Balmain's collections are focused in embroidery and applications of gold and precious stones, designs and textures of brocade and damask in every version imaginable

Here we have some examples.

Alizia Mirror Print Dress;
High neck sleeveless shift dress with a baroque mirror print. Really like this dress, you can match with black coat and pink skin decolletes.

Giuseppe Zanotti Baroque shoes
These suede sandal with gilded leaves
 are very luxurious, maybe not really cheap, but so beautiful.

This skirt has been crafted in silk and velvet, featuring gold-tone embroidery design to the front.
Unfortunatly in the web site where i found it, it's sold out, but you can find a similar one here on ASOS, just a bit longer than this.

Oscar de la Renta necklace
This necklace is absolutly awesome, i think it gives a high class touched to everything you wear, also a simple t-shirt. And you can also wear it like collar; for example, it could be perfect on with t-shirt, skinny jeans, black leather jacket and boots.

Prada's "Baroque" sunglasses are this summer's must-have accessory, and it gives an ultra glamour touched to your look.

Really cute this jumper, with baroques drowings, this time not black&gold but black&silver, really cute with that red pants.

High west shirt in baroque floral print.
Another baroque skirt, but this is different and i think it tends more to a dark and gothic style. Anyway it is lovely.

                                                                                             Alexander McQueen clutch
Ok, i'm absolutely in love with it. So, actually i really love Alexander McQueen. Having one of these clutch is one of my dreams. By the way, in this leather clutch is evident the baroque's taste, that with black leather and the gold skull with crystals, is even more beautiful.

 It's not easy to wear a baroque style: the first rule is be self-confident, the second one, not to match different baroques items in the same outfit!


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