martedì 5 febbraio 2013

Designers from the world.

Today i'm going to talk about some designers from the world, unfortunately unknown but with lot of talent, that are slowly emerging.

After studying at the Esmod of Paris, fashion school founded in 800, he worked in the ateliers of Givenchy and Elie Saab, until he opens the Ashi Studio, his atelier where he works he also reworkes  the caftan, which is Arabic style. He realizes clothes with rich and high quality fabrics.

Here some pictures of caftans by his winter collection.

The young girl graduates from Tuft University in Boston, though fashion has always been her passion. Now she uses her studies about sculpture for her collections. Her feature is sharpen gently the woman body.
As we can see in these pictures, she likes to use pastel colors like beige and aqua, but also the standard colors like black and white, in lovely romantic shapes.

Here some pic of her 2012/13 winter collection.


After univerity degree in architecture in Berkeley, she studies at Fashion Institute of Technology in San Francisco. She starts to work like designer and founds her own brands in 2008. Her creations are
characterized by victorian style and african atmospheres.

These are some pics about her S/S 2012 collection.


British designer Sarah Baadarani was inspired by geometric shapes and the architecture of Indian temples. The result was an outing of contrast of Oriental and Occidental cultures, juxtaposing sharp, asymmetrical shapes with ultra-feminine touches of Chantilly lace and sheer fabrics. Menswear influence can be seen in slim fit trousers and high-necked tops while an injection of liquid prints evokes a futuristic edge.

Here some pics of S/S 2013 collection.

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