sabato 9 febbraio 2013

Hasty days

Today has been a really hasty day; this morning i woke up at 9 and i got a quick shower. Then, i went shopping with my mum, and i came at home really late, so i have had very little time for take pictures (and i'm in late right now, in this moment i should be out.).
Having too little time, i took pictures at home, so i'm sorry for the low quality.
So, the outfit of today is very easy, basic, but the collar on my t-shirt gives a classy taste to the look.
Also the spotted backpack (i bought today) gives a chic touched.

Backpack: H&M
Boots: Bershka
Basic t-shirt: Gap
Cardigan: Forever21
Trousers: Bershka
Collar: H&M
Ring: Accessorize
Earrings: Accessorize

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