giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Blooming flowers.

Finally today it stopped rainig and i could take some more decent photos. I bought last week that lovely high socks and i absolutely wanted to wear it today, so i decided to wear a blu knit cardigan, that gives a classy touched to this look, and a white tank, with lace inserts, and a pair of grey shorts with a fine little belt. And of course it was too cold, so I put this really cute collant with little hearts. The bracelet light the blue cardigan and the leaf ring make the hand more elegant.

Walking aroung these little ways I noticed with joy that lots of trees are covering by buds and little flowers, so i decided to wear that little necklace with rose pendant.

Hope you enjoy! xxx

Knit cardigan: Zara
Lace tank: Bershka
Shorts: Forever21
Belt: Forever21
Bag: H&M
High socks: Calzedonia
Boots: Pull and bear
Bracelets: Accessorize
Necklace: Accessorize
Ring: Accessorize

Make up: Chanel blush

8 commenti:

  1. Bellissima, come sempre!!!!!

  2. Your english is pessimo. It's very divertente, because you're trying so hard to sound clever and classy, but you just sound come me when I was in prima elementare..... Try harder, and stop imparare english from bags of patatine!

    1. so funny, now go to fuck yourself, please, e la prossima volta caro anonimo madrelingua mettici la faccia, sei più pessimo tu che ti nascondi dietro un anonimo, fidati:)

    2. "Go to fuck yourself" Dai, basta, stai facendo una figura di merda.

    3. Ma devo tradurtelo o ci arrivi da solo che significa vattene a fanculo? Ma non eri tanto bravo in inglese? Mi sa che la stai facendo tu, anche solo per il fatto di essere anonimo, poi in più peggiori la situazione con le tue idiozie, fossi in te starei solo zitto

  3. infatti, fai finta di essere me e stai zitta